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What Makes You Superior

At the start of May 2018, Superior headed to New York City to launch its very first campaign, “What Makes You SUPERIOR?” SUPERIOR was birthed out of the realization that every individual is born with the infinite creative potential to manifest their destiny. Though this innate potential is within each of us, it is our responsibility to take intentional persistent action to actualize our greatness. SUPERIOR represents those of us that believe excuses are a liability to our dreams and that character is the currency to the next level. These are the people that make a daily decision to take control of their lives and are committed to executing all facets of life with excellence.

Thereby, “What Makes You SUPERIOR?” is a movement that calls forth the Kings & Queens that live inside of each of us. It encourages us to own and appreciate the unique expression of who we are and challenges us to intentionally use that to create the life we are destined to live. Leading the movement, Superior introduces the first face of the “What Makes You Superior?” campaign, Whitley Green. Whitley was the NYU Valedictory Speaker of her 2018 Class, receiving her MA in Dance Education. Green is dancing her way through life, simultaneously inspiring and leading others along the way! The launch of the campaign includes collaboration with the CEO and creator of The Culture Supplier, Marcus Gilmore.