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It is our mission to provide an exclusive lifestyle and inspire the true origin of superiority, which begins from within oneself. Our brand provides you with a classic style inspired by everyday life. Superior- Forever Royal is a brand that embodies the true meaning of manifesting yourself every single day.

"Making History on Purpose"

 KoKo Brown is the visionary behind Superior - Forever Royal. With the desire to believe in herself in all that she does, she is creating the life she wants to live and allows Superior to be a  direct reflection of her journey.


Through Superior, KoKo uses clothing as a method of story telling by being the voice of inspiration for others to believe in themselves,  take control of their lives and manifest their destiny. Superior was given the slogan "Making History On Purpose " after launching their, What Makes You Superior Campaign in New York City in May of 2018. Since launching on October 31, 2016 Superior continues to evolve and has been a brand worth growing with.

superiorlion-01.png edited google.png

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